Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Breakthrough

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Blood and Gore Guest 39KB 2,138
Zagash Mega Pack v2 Guest 14.3MB 847
A hud from RealWar modification Guest 521KB 323
1936 v0.62 English Update Guest 2.34MB 688
Super Weapon Server Mod Guest 126KB 916
STG44 to MG42 Weapon Converter Mod Guest 1.27MB 506 Guest 20.49MB 465
breakthrough_sound_fix.exe Guest 5.94MB 176
Breakthrough Blood Guest 162KB 252
Thin Scope Skin Guest 77KB 126
Beretta Mod Guest 140KB 105
Breda Mg Guest 244KB 166
Delise Weapon Mod Guest 201KB 135
Enfield L42 A1 Skin Guest 278KB 296
Mauser 98 KS Mod Guest 243KB 184
Ofenrohr Panzershreck Guest 523KB 109
Realistic MG42 Guest 6KB 239
Vickers Berthier Guest 246KB 110
Wehrmacht Vickers Guest 165KB 109
HaZardModding Coop Mod for Medal of Honor Allied Assault Chrissstrahl 4.3MB 5
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