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The latest official patch for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Breakthrough.



Medal of Honor Allied Assault(tm) Breakthrough Version 2.40
Read Me File

This patch requires the previous installation of:
Medal of Honor Allied Assault(tm)
Medal of Honor Allied Assault(tm) Breakthrough

This readme file contains last minute information that did not 
make it into the manual, as well updated information specifically concerning
the patch.

System Requirements


Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 98, or Windows 95 
(Windows NT is not supported)
Previous installation of Medal of Honor Allied Assault(tm)
733 MHz Intel Pentium III or 700 MHz AMD Athlon processor
128 MB RAM 
8x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive 
800 MB free hard disk space plus space for saved games (additional space
required for Windows swap-file and DirectX 8.0 installation)
16 MB OpenGL capable video card using an NVIDIA GeForce, ATI Radeon, NVIDIA
Riva TNT2, ATI Rage 128 or PowerVR3 Kyro II chipset 
with OpenGL and DirectX 8.0 compatible driver
DirectX 8.0 compatible sound card


1 GHz or faster Intel Pentium III or 1 GHz or faster AMD Athlon processor
32 MB or greater supported OpenGL capable video card with OpenGL and DirectX
8.0 compatible driver

Please Refer to the Readme.txt for more complete system requirements and
trouble shooting advice.

New Features

Six new Multiplayer skins have been added:

US - General Wheathers
US - II Corps Tank Commander
US - II Corps Infantry
UK - 10th Corps
UK - 8th Army
IT - Paracadutista Militare

Two new multiplayer maps have been added:

Bizerte Fortress (mp_Bizertefort_obj) Game Modes available: Deathmatch, Team
Deathmatch, Objective

Push forward into the gem of Tunisia, Bizerte. Root out the Axis positions and
help bring freedom into Africa. Battle in the streets near the canal, root
enemies out of the ancient fortress, or jump on to the mortar and machine gun
nests and rain fire down on the enemy!

Stuckguter (mp_Ship_lib) Game Modes available: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch,
Liberation, Objective

Stuckguter, a German cargo ship, is being raided by the Allies. Their precious
munitions cargo must be captured, along with all hands! But use caution, the
Axis are going to want prisoners as well, so they can determine who leaked
their location.

New Mutliplayer Weapon: 
Italian Breda Heavy Machine Gun – 
URGENT NOTICE: The Breda heavy machine gun replaces German STG for all Italian
infantry. This weapon uses a thicker 8mm bullet and weighs nearly 20 lbs.

Modheight2 command added for mod makers.


Medal of Honor Allied Assault(tm) Breakthrough now incorporates Pixomatic
created by Rad Game Tools, Inc. 
To enable this feature, choose the Pixomatic shortcut from the Start Menu.

Pixomatic console commands:

r_usepixo [0|1|2|3]
0 - use HW
1 - use Pixomatic
2 - use Pixomatic stretched horizontally and vertically
3 - use Pixomatic stretched vertically

For example, from the console you should be able to:

r_usepixo 2

This will restart the renderer in Pixomatic mode.

Manual Addendum

New Multiplayer Weapon:
Mines (this was new to Breakthrough 1.0, however not described in the manual):
Mines are a new weapon available to the infantry of all nations. Soldiers
selecting Mines will be armed with a minedetector and a complement of four
mines. By pressing fire with the minedetector equipped, soldiers are able to
lay down mines in any loose surface (sand, rubble, dirt, etc). If an enemy
player steps on a mine, the mine owner will get the kill. The minedetector can
be used to detect the mines placed by enemy players. In addition to the
minedetector and mines, soldiers will be equipped with a pistol for urgent self

Known issues: The Mines may not work correctly in non-Breakthrough maps.

Patch Fixes

Palermo's Objective mode has been tweaked to make things easier for the Axis
side. It was previously nearly impossible for them to win.

Anzio Beach's sandy beach has been fixed. You can now lay mines anywhere on the

Voting for bogus cvar values will now be rejected.

Improved functionality when using rcon commands with variables with spaces
(e.g. "John Baker" would only process as "John").

Banning rifles now works - unless all weapons have been banned, then rifles
will be unbanned.

Reloadmap can only be done as a serverside command.

cl_playintro no longer causes problems with sv_pure.

Advanced User info

This information was left out of the original readme that would be useful to
advanced players. These features exist in Breakthrough 1.0.

Battlechat Macros

As an aid to players trying to coordinate team play, several macros have been
built into the chat parser for Breakthrough. The following strings will be
replaced with dynamic text depending on the current state of the player saying
the string:

$c - The player's current condition ("almost dead", "slightly wounded")
$d - The direction the player is currently facing ("North", "South West")
$l - The location in the map where the player is ("North West corner", "East
$n - The teammates that are near the player ("General Wheathers and Fritz")
$w - The player's current weapon class ("rifle", "sniper")
$r - The distance from the player to whatever's in the player's sights ("85
$a - The name of the person the player currently has in his sights ("Die

For instance, if a player said "I'm with $n at the $l" then everyone would hear
"I'm with General Wheathers and Fritz at the East side." If the player said "I
can see the enemy $r to the $d" then everyone would hear "I can see the enemy
100 feet to the East". These macros are mostly intended to be placed in a bound
alias, so that players can coordinate movements in team on team games with a
simple key press.

The distances, by default, are given in feet; but by setting g_qunits_to_feet
to zero (0) the results of $r will be given in meters.
The battlechat macros can be disabled on any particular server by setting
g_chat_expansion to zero (0).

Mappers who want to extend the $l macro can place info_landmark entities in
their maps and make sure that the "landmark_name" attribute is set to the value
they want to appear when players near the landmark use the $l macro.

Map Design and Mines

Specifically, landmines can only be placed on shaders who have a "surfaceparm"
value that is set to one of the following values:

For instance, the following shader would allow players to place landmines in it
(as it uses the "grass" surfaceparm):

qer_editorimage textures/it_terrain/it_t_grass01d-01ab.tga
qer_keyword italy
qer_keyword terrain
qer_keyword grass
surfaceparm grass
map textures/it_terrain/it_t_grass01d-01ab.tga
map $lightmap

Copyright Electronic Arts 

Software and Documentation © 2003 Electronic Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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