HaZardModding Coop Mod for Medal of Honor Allied Assault



This is a level script based coop mod for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Warchest, featuring all Singleplayer levels.

Quality brought to you by HaZardModding.



HaZardModding Coop Mod for Medal of Honor Allied Assault War Chest

__WHAT THIS IS____________________________
This Mod features the Singleplayer of Medal of Honor
Allied Assault and Breakthrough in Multiplayer for
cooperative gameplay.

By opening this package, installing, modifying and/or using
contents of this custom-built product, you accept the terms
of our License stated in legal.txt

__YOU NEED________________________________
Medal of Honor Allied Assault War Chest Edition available
on gog.com. Other versions have not been tested, and could
get you disconnected from the server.

__KNOWN ISSUES____________________________
Known issues we could not fix...
1. Using the restart command breaks the scripts
2. You need to install/applay a Master server Fix to see Gameservers

__MASTER SERVER FIX_______________________
To see server inside the Game its Server-Browser you need to
install/applay a Master Server Fix or Patch.
Our Suggestions:

__HOW TO INSTALL__________________________
Copy zzzzzz_co-op_hzm_mod_mohaa.pk3 file as is, without
extracting it contents into the /maintt/ folder of your
Medal of Honor Warchest Installation.
Remove zzzzzz_co-op_hzm_mod_mohaa.pk3 again to un-install.

To use the Server side Coop Callvote Menu, copy the
file zzzzzz_co-op_hzm_mod_mohaa_callvote.pk to the
same /maintt/ folder. 
Remove zzzzzz_co-op_hzm_mod_mohaa_callvote.pk again
to un-install.

Network settings are controlled via configuration variables (cvars),
In the included files net_sv.cfg and net_cl.cfg are recommended
Settings for network. If executed from within the game console, the
settings are applied to your game.

Start the game and open the console, then type:
exec net_cl.cfg

Or if you are the hosting Player type:
exec net_sv.cfg

This are only recommend settings, please note that you may get
better results tunning the settings further to your needs.

As a reference you can look at this tunning guide which uses
the same engine, note that MOHAA specific guides will give
you even better results:

__HOW TO START____________________________
Start moh_breakthrough.exe and Host a listen Server with the
Gametype HaZardModding Coop Mod or join any Coop Server.
Dedicated Servers are not supported at this time.

__HOW TO OPEN CONSOLE_____________________
The Key to access the console depends on your Keyboard Layout and
Language. Please try the following Keys while you are in the main
Menu of the game: ^ , °, ², ³, @, <, ~ or '

__HOW TO HOST_____________________________
You will need to forward these Ports to your hosting Computer:
29253 to 29254 and 12203 to 12204
Start the moh_breakthrough.exe select MULTIPLAYER then START GAME
at the SELECT THE GAMETYPE menu, select HaZardModding Coop Mod.
Select a Mission, select a map then click on Apply.
Provide other players your IP-Address.

__HOW TO JOIN_____________________________
Start the moh_breakthrough.exe select MULTIPLAYER then JOIN GAME
at the new dialog select JOIN INTERNET GAME. Enter the server
IP-Address and click on CONNECT TO I.P. ADDRESS.
If the connection to the server is timing out while connecting,
either the IP-ADDRESS was mistyped or the host does not have
forwarded the required Ports correctly.

Please do not contact Electronic Arts or any of their associates
for support if you are having troubles with our Coop Mod. You are
meant to contact us, the developers of this mod, as it is our
Mod and this is not a official release by Electronic Arts or their

__CONTACT US______________________________
Join us on Discord if you need help or want to find people to play:
Message us on ModDB:
Message us on Facebook:

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