Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
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Add On zzz HKrugers Blackcross Airborn Avatars

New avatars for axis and allies.


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Add On J.Ks MapFIX v1.0

Here is a map fix where I have added some objects in the following's maps: dm/mohdm1, dm/mohdm2, dm/mohdm3, dm/mohdm4, dm/mohdm6, and dm/moh...


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Add On user-MLS_AVATAR_Ver3.pk3

A avatar for both allies and axis


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Add On HellzFire Shade Scope

a simple scope to replace the stock ones for both allies and axis. there is a shadedouter part so you are more focused on the target in the...


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Add On Splatter's Green Dot

A simple lime Green dot crosshair for MOHAA