Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
KiLLaRaPPa's sound mod Guest 35KB 14
FishBait's crosshairs pack Guest 3KB 6,520
Covak's new blood effects Guest 2KB 5,435
Covak's crosshair Guest 625B 4,207
Walshs "realistic blood" Guest 12KB 64,147
BlueLabel's New ambient sound Guest 873KB 2,744
ReKast77's "DM on 'The Hunt'" Guest 1.43MB 2,891
FishBait's updated crosshairs pack Guest 36KB 4,275
cheetah's sound mod Guest 471KB 2,001
Covak & Pooter's "Realism mod" Guest 29KB 15,901
-=][JediPimp][=-'s updated Jedi mod Guest 195KB 7,757
Hilikus's sound mod Guest 130KB 13
Hilikus's SPR sound mod Guest 281KB 6,008
Alphaleader's weapon damage fix Guest 36KB 2,152
xHaitai's SP realism mod Guest 35KB 1,981
Awesund's Awesunds v1.7 sound mod (repacked) Guest 1.6MB 3,313
Rosco's realism mod Guest 1.76MB 1,709
Gilbert's "The Hunt at night" Guest 1.47MB 69,150
Elvite's "Kick vote" Guest 3KB 3,242
Samuel's custom German nades Guest 225KB 6,100
Cpt.Knight's crosshair pack Guest 2KB 28,551
Frambosie's Blood Guest 4KB 4,507
Rebel's anti-cheat fix for MP Guest 932KB 26,957
Omerta's silenced pistol and shotgun Guest 1.25MB 2,983
David Martin's weapon mod Guest 24KB 4,950
CDR-W-K-Carrara's SP weapon mod Guest 81KB 17,767
KiLLaRaPPa's "no shutgun mod" Guest 274KB 18
Oghr's custom colt.45 sound Guest 79KB 2,599
Oghr's blood and skin mod Guest 806KB 981
KnightZERO's MG42 sound mod Guest 113KB 2,403
Jojimbo's SPR body hit puff Guest 11KB 74,936
capp's Laserdot addon Guest 685B 12,077
FN2K's Rocketeer and sniper removal Guest 9KB 3,637
j3ff's "No title screen" mod Guest 1KB 34,094
Jesta's subtitle mod Guest 52KB 18,013
Brandon's worse springfield mod Guest 43KB 2,699
-=][JediPimp][=-'s Countries avatar addon Guest 15KB 83,898
-=][JediPimp][=-'s Jedi-Mod v1.00 Guest 2.66MB 15,571
dj-unity's cammoflage Guest 11.6MB 6,454
Mange's DM for V2 Guest 2.03MB 69,360
Derek's effective MG42s Mod Guest 2KB 14
Mike Horvath's "SPR" MG-42 sound mod Guest 240KB 1,262
piedude's springfield crosshair Guest 18KB 5,834
[zErO]Cool's Ultimate blood mod Guest 137KB 1,817
HedgeHog's HedgeHug mod Guest 49KB 14,205
Jesta's obj map respawn mod Guest 6KB 13,906
SS soddit's Dedicated Server Launcher Guest 22KB 3,273
Toaster's Holland country avatar Guest 727B 27,986
[ReFo]fRiJeC's no bazooka mod Guest 4KB 89,748
Puppetmaster's crosshair Guest 379B 5,663
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