Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

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All Files In Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Skins
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Skins *Area51* Political Skins

*Area51*'s political skins - very funnny - but worth the download


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Skins KS Skin Pack

Knightstalker Clan Skins. 12 skin pack for mohaa.


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Skins Paintball Mod

Painball shot replaces normail bullet hole


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Skins Peteyjay (1.0)

A Nazi civilian.


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Skins Deadbolt

The first ever Terrorist skin; This skin is an axis skin, if want to change the allied skin instead/also, just change the tik files to allie...


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Skins Breakthrough Italian Player

Breakthrough Italian Units Converted for Mohaa


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Skins roempaZ Ak47 Edit by Ruby_Larkin

Ruby Larkin edited roempaz's AK47 skin.


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Skins Detailed M1 Garand

Here is a cool skin from Cezary_B. It's for the Allied M1 Garand for MOH:AA.


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Skins The Holy Hand Grenade v1.0

Here is a miniature version of the holy hand grenade from monty python.


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Skins M16A2 (1.0)

A M16A2 model converted from Delta Force Black Hawk Down by Me and Sgt. Randy.


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Skins Bojo's =FCF= Skin Pack

This is the newest skin pack for FCF clan.


Skins Armdude's C.O.

A german squad advances into a small french town, through the thick of night comes the sound of gunshots.


Skins Arm's Wrenchboy

Simple skin i made, ranger tunic & pants with black gear and goggles, looks like some sort of engineer, hope u guys like it.


Skins Black's M1Garand (1.0)

This is my first m1garand skin and i want to share it with you guys.


Skins Disco Sandbags (1.0)

This is the result a disco sandbag.