Medal of Honor: Community Launcher



This application was designed to launch all MOHAA titles from one place. You simply select your installed location to apply the patch. The launcher is designed to Launch MOHAA & Expansions from any directory of your choosing, replace the Gamespy Master Server with the Community Master Server (xNULL), provide a Compass fix for Widescreen in SH/BT and automatically apply High Settings & 1080P Screen Resolution by Default. More features are in development and coming soon!

"The Fastest Way to Play MOHAA"


Medal of Honor: Community Launcher (US/UK)
1. Install MOHAA from GOG, EA Origin, or MOHAA Revival. CD version with all patches supported as well!
2. Download and Install Community Launcher to Desktop
3. Once Launched, Confirm/Check Game Install Path Location and Settings and Apply All Settings.
4. Play Game



Medal of Honor Community Launcher Feature List:

-Automatic Update
-Launch MOHAA & Expansions from any directory of your choosing
-Automatic High Settings & 1080P Screen Resolution by Default
-Custom Screen Resolution Support & Windowed Mode
-Gamespy Master Server replaced by Community Master Server (XNULL)
-Widescreen Compass Fix, Skip Video Intro, Vertical Sync, and FPS Counter
-xNull Server Browser Installer & Launcher
-Install-able US/UK CD Patches from Right Side of Launcher (Click the Arrow!)
-10 Rotating Backgrounds made from Allied Assault Artwork


//Medal of Honor: Community Launcher Development Credits

//Coding Designers
|DOS|Maj. Keel

//Internal Test Team
|DOS| Clan Members: Keymaster, Scholl, Fubar, Ace, Windridge, Slygathor, and Sharpshooter (https://dosclan.org)

//Special Thanks
All xNull Developers - Saving the Medal of Honor Community with a Master Server and Countless Tools!
xNull own3mall - Developing the MOH Reborn Server Query Tool!
xNull James - MOHAA Config files explained and other information.
MostaFA-MOH - Launcher Ideas and Inspiration!
Unknown Developer of Widescreen Compass Fix for Spearhead and Breakthrough
The countless tutorials and little bits of code from all over the Internet for VB.net.

//Additional MOH:CL Information:
MOH:CL was designed to work with the GOG, EA Origin, and US/UK CD versions of the game. It is also capable of working with the fan managed Revival version of the game. It may be compatible with other versions/languages, but this is not actively tested or verified.

All EA logos and artwork are the property of EA Games and 2015. This project is distributed freely to allow more people to enjoy the Medal of Honor Series.


6 months ago

Hello JohnKeel105,

How are you doing???

First of all accept my deepest thanks and congratulations on making these Wonderful Community Launchers which may help game to run at all.

Thank you!!!

My deepest respect is yours!!!

As a tester I have figured out some functions not working at all or partially.

Like updating V1003, 1004 & V1006.

Also V1006 does not install???

And upon second run after downloading it shows a pink box on the left side of screen with text:

"medal of honor community launcher automatic update is disabled when internet is not available. content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate. for more information, see “about certificate errors” in internet explorer help."

Can you please tell me how to fix it???

I have tried to attached screen short but system wont allow me so.

Please help me???