Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

Medal of Honor Pacific Assault’ puts you in the boots of a WWII soldier in the Pacific Theater of Operations. As Marine Private Tommy Conlin, you must survive the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor an...

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Thin Red Line Sound MOD Lesh 2.33MB 189
MoHPA Sound Pack ChalkPit 113.03MB 372
The Thin Red Line Sound MOD Lesh 1.83MB 249
MoHPA Sound Pack v1.0 ChalkPit 73.04MB 943
RoempaZ AK74 MoHPA RoempaZ 879KB 449
Laser Sight TOast 3.68MB 953
hund hund schraube 48KB 261
Map Pack [OBC]DeathTrain 249.48MB 3882
MOHPA Patch 1.1 to 1.2 Electronic Arts 86.43MB 11387
MOHPA Patch 1.0 to 1.2 Electronic Arts 134.35MB 54455
MOHPA Stalingrad 5m0k3y 8.67MB 1235
5m0k3y's M4 Carbine 5m0k3y 669KB 1512
Jungle_Ambush Panther 7.7MB 687
MOH:PA MP_Stalingrad 5m0k3y 8.67MB 617
SnipeR's Sound Mod SnipeR 3.55MB 1686
The Swamp Panther 4.44MB 1165
MP Hiryu [TPs]-R@nger 5.64MB 1170
OBC Weapons Mod Guest 79KB 1543
M14 Reskin DaRKaNGeL01 319KB 906
DarkAngels M14 DaRKaNGeL01 318KB 1914
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assualt Mod Developer's Kit Electronic Arts 95.62MB 10206
5m0k3y's Rifle only mod 5m0k3y 41KB 599
5m0k3y's No Crosshairs Mod 5m0k3y 57KB 513
5m0k3y's Flamethrower Mod 5m0k3y 491KB 1974
5m0k3y's Blood Mod 5m0k3y 5KB 3533
5m0k3y's Axis Shotgun Mod 5m0k3y 15KB 612
TT-33 DaRKaNGeL01 582KB 700
mp_ArmyBase S.C. 1.15MB 1065
MOHPA Message Center v.6 RudeDog 2KB 279
FlameThrower Skin God_Smack 882KB 1178
MoHPA "More blood" Bombuzal 2KB 7017
Owned Realism Benisazn 197KB 1003
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Patch Electronic Arts 63.53MB 62525
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assualt - Multiplayer Demo Electronic Arts 323.78MB 15770
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assualt - Single Player Demo Electronic Arts 534.15MB 21394
Title Posted By Posted On
EA Shuts Down Online Services For Pacific Assault cRiSsI 3rd July 2008
Desert Storm Update Guest 3rd March 2005
Medal of Honor: Nam '67 Update Guest 27th February 2005
Patch List for MoH:PA Released! Guest 25th February 2005
Medal of Honor: Nam '67 Update Guest 17th February 2005
Medal of Honor: Nam '67 Update Guest 6th February 2005
EA Games to Conduct Tournaments with iGames! Guest 30th January 2005
Tutorials for MoHPA Modding Now Available! Guest 30th January 2005
EALA Lays Off Staff Guest 27th January 2005
Mod Development Kit Released Guest 25th January 2005