Another Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Preview

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Gamespy is the latest site to post up a new preview of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. The preview is 2 pages long and comes with the normal screenshots. It should give you a good recap of things to come. Here's a snippet: [quote] Your run through boot camp also serves as a tutorial, and aside from the humor of your drill instructor constantly barking at you, you find Pacific Assault has a few conventions not seen in many other war shooters. Sure, there's your typical movement, leaning and crawling around, but you'll occasionally need to bandage your wounds, carry wounded soldiers to get medical attention or call for help yourself. There's also a simple command system in place for when you're fighting alongside your squad -- you can tell them to advance, retreat, assemble or provide cover fire. It's not so complex to be overwhelming, but adds an extra dimension to the action that we haven't seen often in similar shooters. [/quote] Head to Gamespy to check out more from this preview.
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