Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

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Maps Map Pack

All Custom Maps for mohpa are included.. except for Lagune and TEAM-ZERO


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Maps the fortress map beta

Beta test version of the multiplayer map The fortress...for MOHPA


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Maps Doorka Final Map

Doorka Final Map by -=MLCH=-peugeotfast


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Maps Hiryu by Ranger

This is an invader, FFA and TDM map. Please thank Ranger for this map.


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Maps The_fortress_final

The final version complete with three types of working vehicles


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Maps MOHPA_clan_match_map

Clan tournament map very high skill level required


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Maps mp_Algiers

Remake of the AA map Algiers works in ffa,tdm with one driveable jeep


Multiplayer The Swamp

This map takes place somewhere in the south pacific, and the Allies are attempting to dislodge the Axis from a remote outpost. The ax...


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Multiplayer MP Hiryu

The map represents an island occupied by the Americans. They are equipped with a camp and a submarine base. The American, peaceful army play...


Multiplayer MOHPA Stalingrad

This map is a complete rebuild of the original Stalingrad from MOH:AA. It took a while in the making but I finally got round to fin...


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