Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

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All Files In Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Weapon
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Weapon TT-33

This is an awesome mod which puts the TT-33 Pistol into your Pacific Assault game.


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Weapon 5m0k3y's Axis Shotgun Mod

This mod replaces the japanese model 44 cavalry carbine rifle, with the US Remington Riot Shotgun.


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Weapon 5m0k3y's Flamethrower Mod

This mod replaces the model 44 cavalry carbine rifle and the remington riot shotgun, with a flamethrower, selectable from the weapons loadou...


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Weapon 5m0k3y's No Crosshairs Mod

This mod disables the crosshairs for all weapons, apart from the emplaced and carryable MG's. It makes the game a little more difficult and...


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Weapon 5m0k3y's Rifle only mod

This Mod disables SMG's,MG's and semi-auto rifles in game. In the prerious version of the mod, only the ammo was disabled and semi-auto ri...


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Weapon DarkAngels M14

This mod replaces your stock M1 Carbine with the M14 Rifle.


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Weapon OBC Weapons Mod

A Weapons mod titled OBC Weapons. A list of changes was never given.


Weapon 5m0k3y's M4 Carbine

This Mod replaces the Thompson 50 Smg with the M4 Carbine Assault rifle from SoFII.


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Weapon hund

This is a fairly nice looking weapon mod that will add a few changes to your stock weapons, such as: shotguns in place of machine guns, thes...


Weapon RoempaZ AK74 MoHPA

Here is another great looking weapon mod from RoempaZ, this new AK is for MoHPA only. This weapon model replaces the Thompson in Medal Of...