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This mod will let you broadcast 6 messages to all clients connected to your server in MOHPA.



Rudedog's message center for MOH:Pacific Assault v .6 ( still working on features)

OK, here is the second version.  It will get the basics done.  This mod will let you broadcast 6 messages 
to all clients connected to your server.  There is much more work that needs to be done. Updates will follow.

Setup Instructions:

1) Place the zzz_MCPAv.6.pk3 file in your server main folder
2) Add the following lines to the cfg file (must include all 6 messages and the 4 delay values...leave the // comments
   in or take them out if you like)

// ----------- START BROADCAST MESSAGES CONFIGURATION ----------------------------

// server messages MUST ADD ALL 6 LINES

// sv_initialdelay
set sv_line1 "enter your custom message 1 here"
// sv_delay
set sv_line2 "enter your custom message 2 here"
// sv_delay
set sv_line3 "enter your custom message 3 here"
// sv_middelay
set sv_line4 "enter your custom message 4 here"
// sv_delay
set sv_line5 "enter your custom message 5 here"
// sv_delay
set sv_line6 "enter your custom message 6 here"
// sv_repeatdelay

// server delay times...these delay times set message rotation rates in the locations as indicated

set sv_initialdelay 3
set sv_delay 3
set sv_middelay 3
set sv_repeatdelay 3

// ----------- END BROADCAST MESSAGES CONFIGURATION -----------------------------

3) restart your server

4) RCON Configuration:

   You can change the delay times or messages via RCON by sending: RCON set sv_{variable} (input_value)

      EX:  RCON set sv_delay 15

      EX:  RCON set sv_line1 "your new custom message here"

   Any changes are effective immediately and will take effect as soon as the first message starts over


v.6  Added CVAR functionality for delays by [VS-UK]RolyPoly
     COMMENT:  The way I have the CVARS set on my server is so that the first time around the messages 
               take 30 seconds to start…that gives the player time to come in, select a team and weapons.  
               Then for delay I have them set for 10 seconds…then the mid delay is so that you don’t bombard
               them with 6 messages right away…then the next 3 messages and then a long delay of 90 seconds 
               (may even be 120 seconds because initialdelay + repeatdelay = 120 but I haven’t actually timed 
               this yet) before it starts over.  Obviously if someone wanted all 6 messages to go as one…they 
               just set the middelay = delay and then they get 6 messages evenly spaced and for a continuously 
               streaming message loop you’d set all delays equal except maybe the initial and repeat…they may 
               have to be set to equal the delay you wanted throughout.

v.5  this version is very basic. still working on features and needs lots of code cleanup.


Tech support:
for comments or questions please visit the forums at MOHadmin.com

[email protected]

[email protected]

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