Owned Realism

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This mod features realistic damage, rates of fire, and AI stats. This is the very first MoHPA Sp realism mod



This is the first SP realism mod for MOHPA

To install just copy it to you MOHPA main folder

This mod is made to repersent how the war in the pacific really was.  
Not every marine had a carbine, Jap weapons sucked Tojo's balls, fire ffights were fast and furious,and the
Marines were generlly good shots.
The mod fitures realistic damage, rates of fire, and AI stats
45cal does 100
30.06 does 125
6.5mm does 85
8mm does 31
7.7 does 105
50cal does ownage

This mod is not for the novice player, my advice is to play the game first to get a feel for things
cause trust me, its kill or be killed.

Any questions, complaints , or recomandations email me or hit me up on AIM

Email: [email protected]
AIM: Rufio40469

And remember the only good jap is a dead one (in the game).

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