SnipeR's Sound Mod

The first sound mod for MOH: PA !


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The first sound mod for MOH: PA !

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Download '' (3.55MB)

SnipeR's Sound Mod - Author = SnipeR

This is a mod that changes some weapon sounds:

50Cal MG

30Cal MG


Type 100

M1 carbine



Model 92 HMG

Model 96 LMG



Unzip and extract the file named SSM to ''C:\My Documents\EA Games\Medal of Honor Pacific Assault(tm)\moddir'' then if you have the MOD DEVELOPER's KIT open that up then go to ''configure Mod'' then a new window will open then you'll see a box on the right hand side with all the sample mods and any other mod you might have, Click on the mod that is named SSM and click ''Enable'' on the left hand side, oh and disable any other mods (you dont have to) then at the bottom you'll see a big butten saying ''Set Current Mod''

click that then a new window will open then click on the drop down and select SSM and then ok and that window will close. After that press ok at the bottom and then close the MDK and the new sounds should work.

Thx hope you enjoy, Leave any feedback and try not to flame me it's my first mod.

My email = [email protected]

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