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Published by Falcon93 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


To The Medal of Honor Community- The =167= Clan would like to inform you of our 2nd Quarterly Recruitment Drive.

The =167= Spearhead Clan has been proudly gaming in the Medal of Honor Community since April of 2003, only 6 months after the release of the MOHAA series. Since then, we’ve improved in many ways, and have remained under the same leadership. We now have a spearhead server, which is 100% stock, a TeamSpeak server with extra protection, and a website running Nuke-Evolution with many custom pages.

We have been an Air Force Oriented Clan since 2005. This clan runs off of U.S. Air Force Ranks, Awards, and even uniforms (skins) authentic to modern USAF Uniforms. Our leader attended four years of AFJROTC during highschool, and retired as an AS-4 at the rank of C/Major, the third highest rank in a unit of over 100 cadets.

We participate in many activities, including the MOHAA-A-THON. It’s not uncommon for our members to become creative and make scenarios with custom maps, skins, and weapons to play for a good time. Some of the popular scenarios we have come up with include:

- Resident Evil Zombie Extermination - Secret Service VP Protection at The Disco - Counter-Terrorist Train Take-Over - Modern Jail Break

and many more.

We also play other games on occasion. Those include: Cabal Online (US), Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour, and several others. These are mainly played when there isn’t much going on, and when the online member count is low.

We are a tight-knit clan, and don’t know or refer to each other by rank or serial number. We provide a fun, friendly environment which promotes maturity and sportsmanship. Leaders are always around to help whenever a problem arises, and they have no problem taking new members under their wing and teaching them the ropes. We are quite close, and treat each other like we would our best friends, or even our family.

This clan isn’t just a nice bunch of people, and we definitely aren’t pushovers. We have many skillful members, as reflected in our scores. Our Clan Match Record is 53-2, and our Scrim Record is 86-4. We scrim on occasion, and we are in the process of forming an elite Scrim Team. Our leader is one of the best in the game, and usually scores at least a 2:1 kill-to-death ratio in the game, if not higher, and higher is usually the case. Remember though, we don’t promote by skill, and we won’t penalize players if they can’t beat Mapmstr (Our Leader.)

The =167= Clan Leader is also the CHIEF OF POLICE with The Cheat Police, also holding Trusted Server Admin Badge #0001. He’s been playing Medal of Honor series games since1999, and has been administrating an active Spearhead server since 2005. No one is better at rooting out and throwing out cheaters than we are. We have discharged 11 cheaters from the =167= Clan since 2005.

We also have another member famous to the Medal of Honor Community through his great contributions and sacrifices. Falcon, the manager of MOHFiles is also a member of the =167= Clan, holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Falcon has been a great part of this clan since June, 2006.

If you don’t believe what we say, let’s ask some of the members!

Why did you choose the =167= Clan over any other clan out there?

“Because this clan is really cool, and I wanted to be as good as Map.†– Gen. Freedom “It’s the best there is, and it’s a second home to me.†– Gen. Abbot, Ret. “Because you guys were pretty cool, and the others were cheaters.†– Maj.Gen. Apocolypse, Ret. “The pure skill of everyone in this clan amazed me. I had no choice but to join.†– Lt.CoL. DaBigRedOne “The clan is full of great people who are fun to play with and fun to talk to.†– Maj. Nataku

If that isn’t enough, we are also offering advancement opportunities, and are waiving many longevity requirements for promotions! At this current time, we even have a Captain position open, as our Senior Education/Training Officer. HeadQuarters has taken the job until we can designate a new Captain. We are also looking for skillful members as new additions to our Elite Scrimmage Team!

Are you ready to join? Simply visit www.167clan.net and click “Apply to Joinâ€, on the left. Not sure if you’re ready to sign on the dotted line? No worries! We have a special forum setup for those interested in joining to post their questions and concerns. So ask yourself this… Are YOU ready to join the ultimate spearhead clan? Before you say yes, please make sure you meet the prerequisites of becoming a member first.


#1 - All members of the =167= Clan must own a valid, working copy of MOHAA & MOHAA Spearhead (or Breakthrough.) It MUST be installed on at least one (1) of their computers.

#2 - All members of the =167= clan must speak fluent English and have no difficulties communicating with other members.

#3 - All members of the =167= clan MUST possess a valid Email Address, MSN or AOL Messenger, and TeamSpeak 2.

#4 - All members must be at least 13 years of age, as per TEEN rating on MOHAA.

#5 - All members must have a ping of 100 or lower in our Spearhead Server. (Located in Dallas, TX)

So if you’ve got what it takes, fill out the form and feel free to join us in our TeamSpeak and our Server!

I hope to see you soon!

Brennen Quinlan Brigadier General Senior TeamSpeak Administrator HeadQuarters Division =167= Spearhead Clan

Email - Dmq@adelphia.net MSN – Dmq@adelphia.net Web – www.167clan.net

TS IP – TS PW – mustang


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