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Published by Sir Paul 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Total Airborne today brings you the news that PlanetMedalofHonor posted up an article earlier this week asking for users to submit questions to be answered by an Airborne dev. Now here are the answers. Take a look: [b]Q: What if I want to drop again and try a new path like in the video? How does that work?[/b] A: This is one of the coolest, most central things about MOH Airborne; each time you restart or die in the mission, you will get to jump into the mission again and be able to take the mission from a new way, if you choose. It’s not uncommon to see someone encounter an engagement that they die in once or twice and then realize that on respawn they can take the encounter from a completely new direction, or a new height and find a way to attack that suits their playstyle more closely. It’s great to see someone find the angle of attack that suits them best and then to watch them overcome the engagement and push ahead. Exploring the missions and finding new takes on engagements is endless hours of fun. I’m still finding new corners and approaches I haven’t tried before. [b]Q: Did the level designers have to put in player clips or invisible walls to block off anywhere outside of the DZ's?[/b] A: Much like real paratroopers, you will have a designated drop zone to jump into, and your plane will drop in a jump window over that drop zone. We’ve built a huge playable space with a large DZ that will provide great variation in every Operation. Like all games, of course we created limits so that the player stays within the designed game space for a fun experience, but the DZ is so large and has such a wide variety of landing locations that players will be focused on finding all of the unique places they can land. Read the rest of the article here.
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