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GameSpy has printed their latest review of Medal of Honor European Assault, the new console game from EA. Giving it an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5, this is just part of what they have to say about the game: [quote]For years, the Medal of Honor series was the only game in town when it came to WWII first-person shooters. When the first game landed on the PlayStation in November of 1999, it was lauded as a gritty, immersive experience that brought the brutal realism of war into people's homes for the very first time. Over the years, we saw several sequels, some of which were good (Frontline) and some that weren't (Rising Sun). We also saw the rise of a number of titles that wanted to wrest control of the burgeoning genre from the franchise, with Activision's excellent Call of Duty leading the pack. Some people were convinced that the series was running out of ammo, but after playing Medal of Honor European Assault, it's clear that the franchise still has plenty of bullets left in its clip.[/quote] Full article found [url=""]here[/url].
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