Featured Files (MOHAA) for the week of 4-13

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Published by PKM 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
As some of you may have realized, the featured files for medalofhonor.filefront.com did not change this past week . There were basically two reasons . While we received numerous files, [b](1)[/b] few of the files submitted had more than 10-20 downloads and [b](2)[/b] those that received a good number of downloads (50+) were mods that usually do [u]not [/u] require screenshots (ie. scripting, sound...) . While it is great to see your own hard work/mod displayed as a 'featured file' and those that are presented as such do deserve the title, the main reason for these 'awards' is to draw attention to the site and gain more members who in turn create/download more files for everyone else to download and use . Last week the top 4 downloaded files, files usually submitted for featured file status did not have screen shots and if submitted , would have not created the 'eye-candy' you, as members and guests see whenever you arrive at this site . I chose to leave up the previous week's featured files to have some of that 'eye-candy' grabbing attention . Which brings up a point; Chalkpit submitted a sound mod with a screenshot . Basically it was/is nothing more than a splash page style image . While the image has nothing to do with the mod itself, you can see (in the moh file of the week window) how it has the 'eye-candy' to draw attention to the mod itself and the site . While by no means are you required to submit a screenshot for every/any mod you submit if not applicable, you can see the results if an extra step is taken . Again, there is [u]no rule[/u] stating you must submit a screenshot for a mod that won't support one (ie. sound mods, certain scripts...) . But even creating a 'title' image does get your mod noticed by the members more . PKM
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