First anual Mohaa tournament

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Published by PKM 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


this november the ={DTA}= clan will be hosting the first anual Mohaa tournament to find the best mohaa clan every clan can join just go to the link provided:

the rules and description is as folowed

Description: This will be a 4-5 day Tournament. It will have Clan and non-clan members competing. Day 1:Free-For-All. Just starting to see who moves on to the next round. Every man for himself--no re-spawn. Day 2:Freeze-Tag. For all who survived the FFA round this will be team matches to see who goes to the final round. Day 3:Team-Match. See Who is the strongest. Day 4:Free-For-all again. To see who will reign supreme.


· No Hacks · Keep Language Clean – G Rated. · Must Check in with an admin before each round. · This is ONLY in ={DTA}=Servers. Do NOT believe anybody else if they say we gave them permission UN-less we posted otherwise. · At Most 2 members for each clan. · Once your clan loses that Game-Type you cannot play in that Game-Type again. · Two of the same clan members can not play in the same round. · You only get two warnings after that you and/or your clan are disqualified.

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