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Hello soldiers! I have my first news update ever here at MOHfiles now! What a wonderful joy! This is from Game-Hosting. They have an update on how they are going to start a league for MOH:AA! Read on soldiers! [quote] Game-Hosting will set up a Medal Of Honor Allied Assault League (Mohaa) in the near future. We are currently looking at a launch around late May 2004. This League will be first of its kind. Below you will see how it will work: Prizes will be provided by Plantronics Sweden, Padz.nl, EA Sweden and more. League will be divided up into divisions of ca. 20 teams in each division, number of divisions depending on number of teams. Which teams goes in which divisions will be seeded by past records. Teams from all of Europe can participate. Each team will play 1 match versus the other teams in their division. Match dates & times will be preset by Game-Hosting. 1 or 2 matches per week. Matches will be played on each team’s server. Game-Hosting will set up/make 3 new maps for the League. That makes it a total of 6 maps. Maps have been made by different well skilled designers and then modified by The Rjukan Project & Game-Hosting. Maps will be included in DMW Anti-Cheat. DMW Anti-Cheat must be used in all matches. Match-Admins can be requested. Game-Hosting will have a pool of match-admins that can be asked to judge the match if the team want. A team can not use any other match-admin than those approved by Game-Hosting. The team do not need consensus from opponent to request match-admin. Maps to be played each round are preset by Game-Hosting. 2 maps will be played each round. Winner of match gets 3 points, if it is a tie 1 point, if the team loose they get 0 points. The team with most points by the end of the season will win the League. Prizes will be provided for first, second & third place in Premier Division, but only first place will get prizes in the lower divisions. The two teams lowest in each division will automatically drop down one division. They will be playing in a lower division next season. If you are not playing in the Premier Division, the 2 best teams will automatically advance to the next division. Number three in that division will play a qualifier versus number 3 in the higher division for advancement. This will be done by best out of 3 matches. No Tie is possible. If tie 3 new rounds will be played. These matches will be supervised by a match-admin. These are some of the rules and what you can call the core of the League. The differences from other Leagues are that dates & time are set, more maps have been made and Prizes will be provided. If you want to sponsor this league, please contact us at: [b][email protected][/b] [/quote] So, if you ever wanted to sponser a league, or just wanna get into the game, email these guys! This may be your chance! Good update Game-Hosting, keep us informed! See ya on the battlefield!

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