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Published by Sir Paul 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Total Airborne today brings you the news that The guys over at IGN have posted up a new interview today with [b]Rex Dickson[/b], the lead designer for [b]Medal of Honor: Airborne[/b]. Along with the interview are some new screenshots. Take a look: [b]IGN: Because Airborne is more of a sandbox game this time around, enemies can come at you from any direction. What's the first thing you should do when you land alone in the middle of a field?[/b] [b]Rex Dickson:[/b] Find some cover. Listen for allies nearby. If anybody shoots at you, shoot back. If all else fails, turn heel and sprint for the nearest allied position (look for the green smoke flare). [b]IGN: We noticed how hundreds of Allied soldiers will join you in the fight. Because missions are not linear, battle lines form dynamically. How will you work together with NPC recruits to win the war?[/b] [b]Rex Dickson:[/b] Most of our allied NPC's are reinforced from the air. This means they can drop anywhere in the map. Allied soldiers will engage the fight they drop closest to. Once that fight is resolved, they will run off to join other fights in the mission that are still active. When the allies engage a fight, they will engage with the axis until the player arrives. The player's presence is the deciding factor. Your actions will push the Axis back and allow the allies to move up. Be sure to visit here to check out the rest of this new interview.
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