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Published by Falcon93 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Due to several submissions we are changing our upload rules slightly. These are not major changes but are important enough to be stated in a news announcement. We have come to realize from Franklin's V3 Submission that not all files on this site are following the rules, hence the announcement. When submitting a file you MUST make sure that the pk3 can be unpackaged by other people. Now I know you want to make sure your mod is not stolen and this is a good way to protect them BUT here at mohfiles we need you to keep your files unlocked so that if we need to check that your mod is not stealing some one else's textures or scripts we can access them easily. Franklin's mod was able to function properly BUT could not be opened by Crissi, he got the corrupted file error, or myself, I got an error saying that it was encrypted. Please package your mods with winrar or another simple packaging program to ensure that the file is properly packaged and [b][i][u]DO NOT[/u][/i][/b] encrypt or password any files you submit to our site. Ok we have a new rule about submitting several skins at once, including weapon skins. Thanks to Franklin we have come to ask that , when submitting more than 2 skins in succession of one week, you package them into one file so that we don't have to constantly make 5 uploads a day. Not only is this unorganized but it adds about 1mb of useless space for every 4 files uploaded that could be saved by packaging into one file. So lets recap: [b][i][u]DO NOT[/u][/i][/b] encrypt or password any files you submit to our site. [b]Submit skins and weapons in packages not sepparatly[/b] Sincerely, Falcon93(MohFiles' Manager)
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