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Published by Falcon93 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
One member of this site recently posted a comment on an outdated file, stating that it was a cheat(which in fact it was). Now what he did was bring that file to my attention, I wouldn't have found this file if it wasn't for the fact that he commented on it, but bringing it to my attention in that way is the wrong way to do it. Why you may ask? Because it can cause arguments between the developer and members of the site. I sent this user an email telling him this was the wrong way to get a file deleted off the site. Thats when it struck me, theres nothing on this site that tells you what to do in that situation! SO, I created a special page JUST for this situation! You may now find this page on the left hand navigation bar under Site Info! Hopefully this will help prevent any fights in our comments and keep MohFiles' a Friendly, I know ironic for a war game site, community. On a side note I would like to remind you that we do have a Complaints Section! The link to that page will also be moved up under Site Info. Please use this when complaining about Members, Staff, or the Site. The new page: [quote][b]If you find a file or mod that is inappropriate, a cheat, a hack, doesn't work, or has a broken link, this is the page for you![/b] We at MohFiles' can not always [u]catch[/u] files that do not belong on our site. Some have been uploaded by previous staff members and are hard to sift through. If you come across one of the files that SHOULD NOT be on this site please send an email with the following criteria to [email][email protected][/email] [i]Note: You may also use this form to remove a mod that you developed[/i] [list] [*]Your MohFiles' ScreenName [*]Your Email [*]Other means of Contact [*]Reason the mod should be deleted [*]Mod Name [*]Mod URL [/list] After filling out all that just click send and we will try and remove the mod, if it truly is in violation of our rules, as soon as possible. Please allow up to one week for a response to your email. If we do not respond with in one week, please resend this application.[/quote]
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