Medal of Honor: Airborne Master Server Down Too?

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Published by PKM 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


In all of the uproar over the shutdown of online services for Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, we have overlooked news just as important. The master server for Medal of Honor: Airborne is offline and has been for the last few days with no word from EA. Check it out:

It seems that the official forums are up in arms (again) with the news spreading quickly that Airborne server browser is empty. However there has been no word from EA's online community manager or from EA's own tech support hot line(s).

For more information, click here - The official EA MOH:Airborne forums

I'm wondering if someone pulled the Airborne plug by mistake or for the same reason as the Pacific Assault MP servers, lack of interest.

We are awaiting more information from EA and will post more info when or if any becomes available.

Thanks to for the news.

Manzi Total Medal of Honor Total Gaming Staff

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