Medal of Honor: European Assault Preview

19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Gamespy has posted up a new preview for Medal of Honor: European Assault which was previously known as MOH: Dogs of War. Here's a snippet from this new preview: [quote]See, rather than pushing you through linear levels, as all previous MoH games have done, European Assault seems to be designed with a more open-ended structure in mind. At each mission's outset, several paths will be available to you. Upon entering the field, for instance, you can choose to join your fellow soldiers in the neighboring fray, run across the map to destroy the anti-aircraft guns that are barely visible, or take a brisk jaunt through the environs, and see what other opportunities will present themselves. Regardless of which you choose, though, all the other events will continue to transpire; the battles will rage on, and the AA-guns will not cease to spew slugs. Much like in an RPG, you can tackle these "quests" at your leisure most of the time, and each mission will have a few bonus scenarios built into it for good measure. According to the EA reps conducting the demo, clearing them all will garner you some kind of bonus. Completists among you, rejoice. [/quote] Head to Gamespy to check out the full preview. It seems they changed the name due to it not being received too well by the European press.

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