Medal of Honor: World War I Update #26 - Happy New Year and Flamethrower

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Published by cRiSsI 10 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Hello and Happy New Year Soldiers! How are you?
It is update news of Medal of Honor: World War I - MOHAA MOD.

A flamethrower is a mechanical device designed to project a long controllable stream of fire.

Some flamethrowers project a stream of ignited flammable liquid; some project a long gas flame.
Most military flamethrowers use liquids, but commercial flamethrowers tend to use high-pressure propane and natural gas, which is considered safer.
They are used by the military and by people needing controlled burning capacity, such as in agriculture (e.g. sugar cane plantations) or other such land management tasks.
They can be designed to either be carried by the operator or mounted in a vehicle.

Using fire in a World War I battle predated actual flamethrower use, with a petrol spray being ignited by an incendiary bomb in the Argonne-Meuse sector in October 1914.

It was not until 1911 that the German army accepted their first real flamethrowing device, creating a specialist regiment of twelve companies equipped with Flammenwerferapparaten.
Despite this, the weapon went unused in World War I until February 26, 1915, when it was briefly used against the French outside Verdun.
On July 30, 1915, it was first used in a concerted action, against British trenches at Hooge, where the lines were just 4.5m (5 yards) apart - even there however, the casualties were mainly from soldiers being flushed into the open and shot by normal weapons rather than from the fire itself

The weapon had other drawbacks: it was cumbersome and difficult to operate and could only be safely fired from a trench, so limiting its safe use to areas where the opposing army trenches were less than the maximum range of 18m (20 yards) apart - which was not a common situation and made their use ineffective (in addition to the fuel lasting for only 2 minutes).

Nevertheless, the German army continued deploying flamethrowers during the war in more than 300 battles, usually in teams of 6 flamethrowers.

(From Wikipedia: Flamethrower )
(Flamethrower Made by: East)

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