Medal of Honor: World War I Update - Weapons Update

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Published by PKM 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Hello Soldiers! How are you?
It is update news of Medal of Honor: World War I - MOHAA MOD.

British Army and German Army Weapons Update

* British Weapons Update *

* Bayonet

* Webley Revolver
Reload Animation

Rechamber Speed (Equal to Gewehr 98), Strap

* SMLE Mk. III Sniper
Rechamber Speed (Equal to Gewehr 98), Cloyh on Front

* SMLE Mk. III Grenade Launcher
Rechamber Speed (Equal to Gewehr 98), Strap

* Pattern 1914 Enfield
Sights, Extra Detail, Strap

* Lewis Gun
All Animations, Clipsize, Strap

* Flamethrower
New Weapon

* No.5 Mills Bomb

* German Weapons Update *

* Bayonet

* Mauser C96 "Red 9"
Hammer Pulled Back, Reload Animation, Right Mouse Animation

* Gewehr 98
Several Details, Strap

* Gewehr 98 Sniper
Several Details, Strap

* MP18
32 Round Drum Clip

* MG08/15
Ammo Box, Clipsize, Bipod

* M1918 13.2 mm Rifle Anti-Tank
New Weapon

* Flamethrower
New Weapon

* Stielhandgrenate 15

(Weapons Made by: East)

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