MoH: Airborne Review : Multi-Player to be Hardcore!

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[quote]Much like the shark, cockroaches, and AC/DC, World War II first-person shooters haven't evolved much over the years. But for Medal Of Honor: Airborne, the latest in the series that started the genre, the developers at Electronic Arts have added a new wrinkle -- players parachuting into an open battlefield -- and it's not only impacting the single-player portion of the game, but the multiplayer as well, as we found out when we played the latter at EA's offices in Playa Vista, California. According to Creative Director John Paquette, "We started with single-player, and with the idea of making a game about the airborne. But as soon as we got the mechanics of parachuting down, we knew it would work really well in multiplayer." [img][/img] In Airborne, the air drop defines how you play each level. How it works, he explains, is that Allied respawn inside a plane, and as they parachute into the battlefield, they can, to a certain extent, choose where in the large, open battlefields they want to land. "We felt like this was new and unique to multiplayer," Paquette says. "We've all played games where people were high up, but there's never been a game where one team is dropping from the sky and the other team is defending from below. And when we started to explore that -- actually, when we started to play it -- we realized that a lot of strategic tactics come out when you're attacking from above or defending from below." They also, in playing it, realized it needed a bit of balance. "We found that the Axis had a definite advantage because they could take out Allied soldiers as soon as they hit the ground," he explains. "So we added the ability to hit the melee button and kick someone right before you land, which takes them out right away. It's a one-shot kill. "You can even," he notes, "take out two or three guys, if they're all standing near each other."[/quote]
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