MOH: Pacific Assault Development Diary

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The a href="" target="_blank">MOH: Pacific Assault website has been updated with another development diary. This time Game Designer Benson Russell gives us the inside scoop on morale based AI in his 2nd developer diary. Here's a snippet from this diary: [quote] One of the things that Dave (that's our illustrious leader again) is pretty adamant about making sure we keep the gameplay open ended. I know that statement is also open-ended, so allow me to elaborate. There's a game design 'syndrome' that designers can fall into when creating a game, which is trying to force the player to play the game the way the designer intended rather than the way the player wants to play. I'm not talking about gameplay in terms of hitting a switch to unlock a door; I'm talking about breaking the established game conventions to make the player do something very specific. This is a pretty bad thing to force upon the player as it usually leads to frustration, puzzlement, un-immersing the player, and hurts the fun factor. Players want to be in control, they want to play the game how they want to play it, and try to solve gameplay scenarios with their own ideas.[/quote] Head to the a href="" target="_blank">MOH: Pacific Assault website to check out more.
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