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[quote]The Long Wait Is Over...The MOHAA-ATHON Is Back Again!!!!! I hope you have all had a nice rest on the holidays, cause it's time to get back into MOHAA, with THE BEST & BIGGEST MOHAA EVENT EVER, The MOHAA-ATHON !!!!!!! Proven to be the Premier Party To Be At, It's Definately An Event Not To Be Missed!! Here's the scoop: STARTING ON: FRIDAY JANUARY 11 @ 9:00PM EST and ENDING ON: SUNDAY JANUARY 13 @ 11:59PM EST This time around the Teamspeak for the MOHAA-athon will be !! (Special Thanks to the Combined Forces Clan for providing this teamspeak!) With no password required, a capacity of 200+, and multiple channels to choose from, this is Where the party is at!! Make sure you hop on this Teamspeak!! Everyone is welcome from clan members, to the general public!! There will be separate ts channels for each gameserver featured as well as a couple family channels (where foul language will be restricted), and a couple others to spice it up! And YES, ts Channel hopping is Highly Encouraged !! Here is the Line-up of Featured Servers for the 6th MOHAA-ATHON (!!): 1.) TDM - Description: Pick a team and fight the enemy head-on!! Each player is given a sniper rifle along with their primary weapon of choice, (minus the rocket or shotty)!! When you die, you respawn to fight again!! Thanks to the Dirty Dozen Clan for providing this server! ( www.theddclan.com ) 2.) FT - Description: fast paced, team based, objective style server played just like the game when you were a kid.When you get shot or shoot a player you must wait to be unfrozen to respawn again. The winning team is the one that freezes the other team the fastest. (32 man server) Thanks to The Resurrection Clan for providing this server! ( http://www.theresurrectionclan.com ) 3.) Custom FT - Description: With roof access, 1 bash kills, delayed nades, and even the ability to heal all your teammates, this is one Freeze-Tag experience you won't want to miss out on!! (40 man server) Thanks to the Combined Froces Clan for providing this server!! ( http://www.combinedforces.us ) 4.) OBJ - Description: Fight as a team and win as a team!! Be extra careful around those corners, if you get killed, u must sit and wait until the round is over! Featuring all stock maps!! (32 man server) Thanks to the ^BONES^ Clan for providing this server!! ( http://www.clanbones.com ) 5.) Sniper Only - Description: Test your true sniping skills here!! Keep low and move stealthly!!! Highly Deadly and accurate sniper rifles are used in this Free-For-All, Mayhem Server!! (20 man server) Thanks to the 86th BlackHawks Clan for providing this server!! ( http://www.86thbh.com ) 6.) Fear Factor - Description: an 18 man, all weapons server, sporting the Horror Survival Mod playing on Night maps that have Spotlights which cause damage to anyone in the beam's path. Some maps also have Lightning & Thunder added to them!! A Very cool Mod, which must be played by all!! (18 man Server) Thanks to the SpecWarriorS Team for providing this server!! ( http://www.specwarriors.com ) 7.) Mixed Gametypes - Description: a 22 man server, sporting TDM and OBJ in 1 server!! Hi-powered, long range silencer pistol, strong riles and snipers, the infamous Omaha Beach, plus a special night-time Stali map with fireworks, AND some of da best folks on da planet.....How can you get bored with all this??!!! (22 man server) Thanks to the D2R Clan for providing this server!! ( http://www.d2rclan.com ) 8.) Fly Planes and Rockets - Description: You ever wondered how would it be to fly a plane, a rocket in MOHAA?? To be a dog and attack people or would you rather be a giant/a midget?? Or you just looking for some fun times?? (16 man server) Thanks to the =ROCK= Clan for providing this server!! ( http://www.rock.clanservers.com ) 9.) Beach Soccer - Description: Ever wonder what would happen if the axis and allies would face each other in a game of Beach Soccer on Omaha Beach instead of defending/assaulting the stronghold??!! With only a pistol to bash and your soccer skills to get the ball away from the enemy and score on your enemy's net!! A very cool Mod!! Highly Addictive!! (20 man server) Thanks to the Joint Task Force Clan for providing this server!! ( http://jtfclan.clanservers.com ) 10.) Custom Maps - Description: Featuring 15 of your favorite custom maps in a Freeze-Tag style setting!! Please download the maps from both of these links - www.aofd.us/files/197maps.zip & www.aofd.us/files/New197maps.zip !! (Be sure to unzip and place in main folder!) (32 man server) Thanks to the Army Of Destruction Clan for providing this server!! ( http://aofd.us ) 11.) Custom Modz - (Note the different port= 12204) Description: A WaCkY Server featuring automatic shotties, high jumps, and roof access, it's best to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED in here!! (32 man server) Thanks to Clan Royal Destruction for providing this server!! ( www.clanservers.com/clanrd ) *More servers may be added!!* ----------------------- WOW, What a Line-up!!!!!!!!!!! With over 100 ppl expected to show-up over the course of the weekend, you DEFINATELY don't want to miss out!! It's sure to be a blast as usual!! So come on out and meet new and old mohaa players and fanatics alike from all over the globe!!! AS always there are only 4 rules for the MOHAA-ATHON: 1.) Play fair. Cheating will not be tolerated on any of these servers 2.) Be Respectful to everyone on ts and in game 3.) Be in the appropriate ts channel and respect the guidlines for that ts channel. (depending on where your playing/what you're doing) 4.) And most importantly, HAVE FUN !! For general or specific inquiries feel free to contact me at anytime! This event is open to all mohaa fanatics and amatuers worldwide!! We have run this in the past and it has grown bigger and better everytime!! Explore your curiosity and come on out to this awesome event celebrating the best first-person shooter game ever, MOHAA !!! I can't wait for this next MOHAA-ATHON, it is going to be a blast!!! I look forward to meeting and playing with you all!! =>DD<=LTG. Crosshairs ------------- MOHAA-Athon Admin Xfire: ddcrosshairs email/msn: [email protected] [url]www.theddclan.com[/url][/quote] Sounds like great fun! I encourage everyone on the site to go and participate! It is extremely hard to co-ordinate this kind of event and get people to show up!

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