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Published by PKM 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[quote="Elgan"]Some of you may of noticed on the website. I recently just put in place a new project tracker. The purpose of this is for us all to submit bugs we find, have found in the game. The project is under development with many fixes already in place. The list will be updated slowly but surely with all the bugs we have found. Including many you may of never realised. If you think you have another, submit it! We are asking not just for pk3 bugs but bugs you previously thought may never be fixable, bugs you just dismiss. Scripting engine bugs, physics engine bugs, sound bugs, server bugs, cvar bugs. Linux bugs, windows bugs. Add them all! We are going to slowly, fix as many as possible. Once we are able to release media. Some of you may be v.surprised at what we have been able to add features wise. Block and fix in the game. [u]How to submit a bug?[/u] go to the [url=]project tracker page[/url]. From there. You have two sections. Executable and pk3. If you bug is a texture that's missing or not scaled right in a stock map. Select the game content option and then "submit a bug". Then, from there. fill out the details and its that simple! The {sfx} Team members job! It's their job to admin the project tracker. You bugs will be validated. Once fixed. The person who fixed it should set the bug as Fixed. This way we can keep track of what is and whats not done. If you have any issues, Feel free to post on the forums and ask questions! [url=][b]Submit a MOH:AA bug or for the 1.12 patch. [/b][/url] now alot of you may not know, as the list is new. How many fixes we do actually have, The features list also will give us more abilities in modding after 1.12. Not just through client files using auto downloaders but scripting and improved boundaries! Mohaa is getting an update! [/quote] So you heard it folks, we're taking it very seriously, many console bugs have been fixed, many bugs found and filed. So if you want to submit bugs go [url=]here[/url] if you want to submit suggestions go [url=]here[/url]. Elgan has a project system ready with a project manager. And many of us do our share of helping with the patch! Now's your chance to let us know your suggestions or findings or bugs!! MoHAA's getting a update!!
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