MoHMC: Mercenaries Announced!

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Medal of Honor Modern Conflict: Mercenaries
This is the Spearhead version of MoHMC. It will feature additional weapons and player skins. You can play as a member of the USMC, a mercenary army or a member of the Royal Marines.

Medal of Honor Modern Conflict
MoHMC takes the player out of WW2 and puts them in to 2003 Iraq. Complete with new weapons,maps and player skins. Customize your weapons and aim using their reflex sights.

- Toggleable ironsights with improved accuracy
- Weapon customization feature.
- A lot of player animations
- 30 new weapons
- New HUD
- Modern looking menu
- 4 multiplayer maps

Current progress
The Allied Assault version is about 90% finished. The Spearhead version is about 30% finished. Most of the models are finished and skinned


shot_1.jpg shot_2.jpg shot_3.jpg
shot_4.jpg shot_5.jpg shot_6.jpg
shot_7.jpg shot_8.jpg untitled_1_th.jpg
untitled_2_th.jpg untitled_3_th.jpg untitled_4_th.jpg

Release date
Nope.. Still no clear release date yet..sorry.

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