New Airborne Site, New Airdrop

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Published by Sir Paul 15 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Total Medal of Honor Airborne today brings you the news that, EA has updated the official Medal of Honor Airborne website and released a new Airdrop Which gives a deeper look into the game's AI with Tim Ford, creator of the Affordance Engine. Take a look: When you step out of an airplane as a paratrooper in Medal of Honor Airborne, every split-second decision you make can be crucial. Where you land, how you go about completing objectives, and, most importantly, how you engage the enemy can all affect the success of your mission. On the ground, the AI-controlled enemies you encounter (known as NPCs) are devious enough to understand that attacking you from the protection of a bunker is far smarter than confronting you out in the open. These NPCs intuitively use terrain to their advantage. To succeed in Medal of Honor Airborne, you have to operate the same way, finding elements in the environment that can help you gain the upper hand. In short, both you—and the AI—have to think like real soldiers. As AI Engineer on Medal of Honor Airborne, nobody understands this better than Tim Ford. Ford designed the mechanic, known as the affordance engine, which gives the NPCs in Airborne their ability to evaluate battlefield terrain, and engage the player in unpredictable ways. Ford’s job is to literally engineer an AI that thinks smarter and fights tougher than any enemy before in a Medal of Honor game. If spearheading the cutting-edge technology which brings affordance to life wasn’t enough, Ford had another important role on the Medal of Honor team. He developed one of the first prototypes of the airdrop back when Medal of Honor Airborne was only a glimmer in EALA’s eye. So, if you find yourself enjoying a satisfying enemy encounter or a particularly clever airdrop landing, you know who to thank. Also if you look at the second image posted below, its taken from the new site, and you can see a very nice screenshot of a American Soldier with a bazooka. To check out the rest of this airdrop, click HERE
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