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Published by Falcon93 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
As of now, 10:21 pm(pacific) Thursday the 15th of November, I have started a new system for people who break our site/network rules. I am tired of you guys thinking you can get away with making fun of other members and yelling at each other. I have created a text document that I will add the names of any offenders to. The system is very simple and is as follows; First time you break a rule, you get put on the list and a warning in your comment. ex: John_Doe Second time, you get an X next to your name and a warning in an email and your comment. ex: John_Doe X Third, you get a second X next to your name and a comment ban for 1 week. ex: John_Doe XX Fourth, you get a third X, from here you will be comment banned for a month of commenting or longer depending on the offense. ex: John_Doe XXX Fifth, you will get your name with it underlined and bolded, and a full ban from a week to a month also depending on the offense. ex:[b][u]John_Doe XXX[/u][/b] Sixth, you will get banned permanently from our site and a ---- befor and after your name ex:[b][u]----John_Doe---- XXX[/u][/b] This system is effective IMMEDIATELY! Marks will be taken off with 1 month of good behavior, so if you have two X's you will have one after a month of good behavior. [b][i][u]NONE OF YOU ARE ON THE LIST, YET![/u][/i][/b]
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