Pathfinders : A MoH:A Mini-Series

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Published by cRiSsI 11 years ago , last updated 1 year ago
First ones in, last ones out. PATHFINDERS is a six-part machinima series set in the game world of "Medal of Honor Airborne." It follows the elite group of Allied Paratroopers that jump behind enemy lines and clear the way for the rest of the invasion force.
Total Airborne:
The six episode series reveals the tense moments before each of the major Airborne invasions represented in Medal of Honor Airborne. Sent in to secure drop zones, Pathfinders were the sharpened tip of the Airborne sword, and were called upon to undertake missions that no other units would even consider. Their actions ensured that Airborne infantry troops would have a greater chance for survival after bringing the war to the enemy's front doorstep.
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