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Published by Falcon93 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[b][i][u]This is a reminder to all modders and skinners: [/u][/i][/b] You may add a "copyright" or other form of writing stating that the mod may not be used in another mod or edited with out permission/consent. Legally your "copyright" can't be used to sue or threaten another member with as you can not legally copyright the mod. The reason that you may not copyright a mod is slightly complex but I will elaborate for you. Mods use scripting. Scripting uses command lines and parameters which are created by the game's engine. The game's engine [b][u]IS[/u][/b] copyrighted by the company that made the game OR one that licensed it to the the company that made the game. Now some of you probably are starting to think "Ya but they are using the operating systems scripting to make the game engine!" You are absolutely right! The company that made the game engine pays a certain amount of money to the computer companies, some companies also get a license from the computer company so they don't have to pay for each item sold. Because you do not pay a licensing fee to the game company your mod is technically the game company's property. The game company owns your mods there-for there is no legal copyright covering your mod except theirs. FileFront has a policy to protect your mods by discouraging others from ripping your mod by deleting the mod that violated our policy. Please out of consideration of the staff at [b]DO NOT FLAME ABOUT [u]YOUR[/u] COPYRIGHT BEING VIOLATED![/b] Send an email to one of the sites managers if you feel your mod, or some one else's, has been ripped/stolen from. Flaming will just get you in trouble. Sincerely, Falcon93(MohFiles' Manager)
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