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Published by Falcon93 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
It has come to my attention that not many people have realized that we do not like having complaints in our comments. Several months back I created a section dedicated to complaints so that you may complain all you want with out us banning or deleting your comments. I would like to direct your attentions back at the section created. Some one recently posted a comment stating that they had sent an email to the Network admins about an inappropriate PotD. They will not do anything about it, as it is MY, Falcon93, job to take care of site problems. In the complaint section I do have guidelines on who to contact for what ever problems may arise. Since it was this person's first time posting I allowed it to go and referred him to our complaint section, so that if he has a complaint latter on, he may use it. Any REAL problems sent through to us using the complaint system will not result in a ban as long as you keep your email respectable and clean. Here is the exact page as it reads in the complaint section: [quote]

Remember when filing a complaint please be respectful in your email, include YOUR screen-name, and the other members screen-name(if there is another member involved). Please include all evidence about the problem, that the complaint is about, in your email.

If you have a complaint about a member of our site please click here.

If you have a complaint about a staff member or site problem please click here.

If you have a complaint about our site manager please click here.

If you have a complaint about something not specified in the previous sections please click here.

All complaints will be dealt with asap as we do not like disappointing our members.[/quote]

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