Special Forces Coming Soon July!!

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Published by PKM 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Special Forces Coming Soon July!!

So the mod is on Promo 0.1C

And i need mappers,modelers and scripters to help me to make a team and make Special Forces a TOTAL CONVERSION

the Promo 0.1c is still under development but there are many bugs still, but this is promo we dont even are in beta!!

The Promo contains: New HUD All new Weapons New Explosives and other Items New MP Maps One SP MAP Modern SP Skins replacements (just for allies by now) New Menu All new explosions New death sounds and ambiences

but there are some bugs that need to be fixed yet:

The Bridge map (obj 4) not works, in a second axis win all times but the crossroads (dm 4) works

Bots are a little retarded ;-)

New Game and Briefing wont work in menu, use the MAP LIST

Some HUD names are wrong and not all are green font



Colt .45 - Berreta 9mm M1 Garand - M-16A2 Springfield - PsG 1 Thompson - M4 Grenadier (Nade launcher not work yet) BAR - G36 C Bazooka - SMAW M2 Frag Grenade - M67 Frag Grenade _____________________ Axis

P38 - Desert Eagle Kar98k - G3A3 Kar98 Sniper - Dagundov MP40 - Uzi MP44(StG 44) - AK-47 (Aim down sight) Panzershrek - RPG-7 Stielhandgranate - BD 11 HE Grenade _____________________ Neutral Weapons Hi-Standard - Silenced Berreta 9mm Shotgun - Mossberg MG-42 - M60 Explosive - C4 Plastic Explosive ======================

Our plans are to make almost a new game, by making a new SP campaing, skins and models!



Modern German Army Modern Sweden Army Modern European Counter Terrorists Modern USMC Modern US Airbornes Modern US Army Modern British Paratroopers Modern British Desert Rats Modern British SAS Modern Canadian Forces


Columbian Terrorists Arabian Terrorists Islamic Terrorists Siberian Terrorists Iraq Terrorists Iraq Republican Army Korean Terrorists




Oil Rig Assault

SAS and Delta are invading an Terrorist controled Oil Rig to rescue hostages

The Alley Terrorists are attacking the streets of a european city

Daylight Terrorists are trying to attack a bank in Korea, the army has come.

Africa City A city in Iran controlled by rebels

Morroco A city in iraq under attack by the USMC

Bunker Hill A coalition of SAS, Russians and US Paratroopers are attacking an Terrorist Bunker in a russian forest

Birkernau Delta and SAS have infiltrated a major terrorist camp in Siberia

Terrorist Compound US Paratroopers are attacking a terrorist compund in an island on the pacific


In the Storm The Iraq Republic Guard is attacking a USMC Base, the insurgents are trying to destroy the comm center and the cargo ship on the dock, Insurgents have a S67 Chooper

Thats it!

See you in Battlefield, Rock on ,,/

Kurell, Sgt.Randy, Dmitri, Jed Thank you for reading

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