The Fighting 69th June Custom Map Weekend

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Published by PKM 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Greetings everyone ! Our monthly custom map weekend is upon us. This weekend's map rotation involves a mix of mostly new new (to us) Objective maps with a few old favorites mixed in. There are some historical maps, some that are just for fun, but overall, a great mix of maps. And there are several completely new maps, three of which (69thHotel, OBJ_Low Down Dirty Mall2, and OBJ_Low Down Blvd2) that have never been hosted previously, anywhere else.

They are a blast! Join us this weekend in a refreshing tour of some of the best (and some almost unheard of) Custom OBJ maps that are out there.

The map rotation will be: Swordbeach Gloomcove Prison Escape VSUK-Abbeybeta Prado1 German Tirtagarne-Kechtat OBJ_ Moonlight Radio Bahnhof_Steinhude_1939 St Lo Fallen Village OBJ_Low Down Dirty Mall2 OBJ_Low Down Blvd2 Merville Sherman Hunt beta 221 Bastogneobj 69thHotel St Renan

Downloads are available in this links:

Unzip those files to your mohaa/main directory.

Hope to see you guys on the server this weekend !

(Oh, and there are some more fun new skins in there... Wink )

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