The War Room - Affordance AI

By Sir Paul 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Today TotalAirborne brings you the news that, EA has posted a new airdrop "The War Room - Affordance AI". Where you can hear fan submitted questions in the latest edition of The War Room, the Medal of Honor podcast. Take a look: In this edition of The War Room, the official Medal of Honor podcast, I sat down to talk to Tim Ford and Matt Tonks about everything that makes the Affordance engine not only cool, but absolutely necessary for a game with as much choice as Airborne gives you. Tim and Matt discuss the impetus for the idea, and how it’s grown over time. They also answer several questions from the community about AI awareness, behavior, personalities, usefulness of Allies, and more. We also encourage all of our news readers to register on our TotalAirborne website to take advantage of more features and more things coming soon by registering [URL="http://www.totalairborne.com/forums/register.php"]here[/URL] To check out the rest of this airdrop, click Here.

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