Total Assault Beta is out

By cRiSsI 16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[quote]Total Assault is a mod for Medal of Honor Allied Assault. This project, was born in the Sfx Forums, in which was and its currently developed. This Total Conversion should bring an all out emerging environment to players, thereby stretching the capabilities of the engine to it’s limits ... It is mainly based in Multi Player but ideas for Single Player missions have been discussed… The Mod will add Levels, Player skins, Custom sounds, Gametypes, weapon and vehicle models, new Interface, and much more! [/quote] The Beta version of this Medal of Honor Allied Assault total conversation is finally out. You can download it now from Total Assault site and we will probably upload it here too if we have their permission. [url="http://www.gamefront.nl/static.php?page=medalofhonor-alliedassault-mods"] Download[/url] You can try and play it at :

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