Weekly Poll Results - Choose history's most evil, vile, iron-fisted Empire .

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Published by PKM 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Choose history's most evil, vile, iron-fisted Empire .

EA Games 47.3% (72)

Walmart 23.6% (36)

FIFA 10.5% (16)

The Galactic Empire 8.5% (13)

British Petroleum (BP) 5.2% (8)

The Ming Dynasty 4.6% (7)

Total: 152
Start: 09-05-2008 14:34
Last: 09-12-2008 13:20

 #1 - Posted by: bbejones (Member) on 09-05-2008 at 15:59
EA Games, I beg you! Free me, and I will give you a thousand treasures! *EA Games chops off my head* EA Games: I said minimum of TEN THOUSAND! That explains what I voted.

 #2 - Posted by: computernerd (Member) on 09-05-2008 at 19:32
somehow I knew everyone would vote ea games the highest, but seriously someone tell me what is so bad about ea games

 #3 - Posted by: ikooldragon (Member) on 09-07-2008 at 12:54
EA games is fine, but not all of it... Isn't the whole comapny that is doing bad.. just the few selected group of people who works for EA makes the game that does it bad..my opinion of course.

 #4 - Posted by: DvdGiessen (Member) on 09-08-2008 at 05:48
Why cant I vote Google? They know more about you than what you knew about yourself. Google as big evil company. :p Nah, then it's gotta be The Galactic Empire. Since EA at least did 1 thing right. Sure.

 #5 - Posted by: Grand_Admiral_Andrew (Member) on 09-10-2008 at 14:37
yeah i vote galatic empiire lol

 #6 - Posted by: Nitronumber9 (Staff) on 09-11-2008 at 14:14
Seriously, only 6 people (Including me) Know about Ming? That guy was overkilly evil.

 #7 - Posted by: Grand_Admiral_Andrew (Member) on 09-12-2008 at 04:13
lol i like the galatic empire better its my favourite galatic civil war faction

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