Weekly Poll Results - For those young enough, do your parents play MOHAA ?

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Published by Falcon93 14 years ago , last updated 5 years ago

For those young enough, do your parents play MOHAA ?

Are you kidding ? They think Guitar Hero is a Foreigner song. 68.1% (92)

Yes, I was introduced to MOHAA through my parent(s). 16.2% (22)

Yes, wish I had never introduced them to it, I get no MOHAA time now. 9.6% (13)

Yes, Dad makes me do the dishes because I own him in DV. 5.9% (8)

Total: 135
Start: 04-06-2008 13:30
Last: 04-13-2008 18:21

 #1 - Posted by: PKM (Staff) on 04-06-2008 at 13:32
*thanks, TMT's tgillespie for the poll question idea .

 #2 - Posted by: kattfire (Member) on 04-06-2008 at 14:07
>_> My parents don't play MoHAA, but my parents aren't compleately oblivious to games. Both my mother and father play games, to an extent. (My father plays a couple games quite often, my mother doesn't play games often, but they do indeed play and enjoy these games.) I don't think that the last option really counts, in my place.

 #3 - Posted by: Kurell (Member) on 04-07-2008 at 05:51
lol, i still remember my dad when he buyed the moh aa that box was sweet

 #4 - Posted by: bbejones (Member) on 04-07-2008 at 17:21
Summer, 2007, My dad comes home from work with a new game. I watch him at it. He stops playing cause i like giving him hints. He gets second CD - for me. I play moh now he doesn't.

 #5 - Posted by: PKM (Staff) on 04-08-2008 at 05:29
bbejones, you (not you personally but the actions you mentioned) remind me of the freakin' annoying 10 year old at the arcade who , though he had no tokens/quarters himself and you never saw him playing any games, felt he needed to advice you on any game you plunked said token/quarter into . cool thing was back in those days you could pick up a pinball machine and swat him with it, not like today's PC generation .

 #6 - Posted by: Eddman162 (Member) on 04-08-2008 at 16:30

 #7 - Posted by: Eddman162 (Member) on 04-08-2008 at 16:32
-HAHHahhahaaaaa *sniff* lol seriously though I know parents and girls that love mohaa I have a brother that has a family and he still loves playing games (mostly newies like Army Of Two or Bioshock) my mom? doesn't really play anything besides PC pogo games and my dad PC solitare

 #8 - Posted by: RuhigSein (Member) on 04-10-2008 at 18:24
My Parents like games; but not MoHAA.

 #9 - Posted by: kattfire (Member) on 04-10-2008 at 22:15
I think RuhigSein pretty much summed up my position on this subject.

 #10 - Posted by: Private_Gomez (Member) on 04-10-2008 at 23:02
My parents say video games are a waste of time. The last time my dad played a game was about 7 years ago at my cousins. Windows Flight Simulator. He did it for about 1 minute and then got off... My mom... I'll give $1000 to anyone who gets her to like games!

 #11 - Posted by: bbejones (Member) on 04-11-2008 at 13:59
What Currency? US or Canadian or Australian Dollar?

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