Weekly Poll Results - Medal of Honor : 80s Soviet/Afgan war ?

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Published by PKM 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Medal of Honor : 80s Soviet/Afgan war ?

yes, sounds like an idea 31.9% (47)

YES ! as long as i get to be rambo . 29.9% (44)

no 23.1% (34)

no, not unless EA included CIA operatives 14.9% (22)

Total: 147
Start: 06-28-2008 05:23
Last: 07-05-2008 03:56

 #1 - Posted by: bbejones (Member) on 06-28-2008 at 08:57
Who's Rambo?

 #2 - Posted by: PKM (Staff) on 06-28-2008 at 09:18
oh christ .

 #3 - Posted by: ikooldragon (Member) on 06-28-2008 at 10:36
lol, never heard of Rambo... Search Rambo at wikipedia.. Rambo is based on movies. I'm for sure off.

 #4 - Posted by: PATTON_IRL (Member) on 06-28-2008 at 12:34
Isnt the Medal of Honor a medal given to U.S Soldiers not Afghan soldiers unless your character in this ficticious game is like Sam Fisher or something.

 #5 - Posted by: PKM (Staff) on 06-28-2008 at 14:07
option #4 .

 #6 - :P - Posted by: falcon93 (Staff) on 06-28-2008 at 15:52
going rambo is fun O_o

 #7 - Posted by: _Godfather_ (Member) on 06-29-2008 at 02:27
what about Medal of Honor: DEAD. come on, moh and cod both have more than half a dozen of games already (including all the console games and crap). time to bring out a NEW concept. or change the title for that matter

 #8 - Posted by: bbejones (Member) on 06-29-2008 at 08:14
Patton, you are 100% correct! Medal of Honor is american. I Think if there was an AMERICAN in that, it MIGHT work...

 #9 - sounds ok - Posted by: Darkheartironhand (Member) on 06-29-2008 at 10:18
I would another moh or cod as long as it doesn't get hokey, if they keep it intense and with the options of weapons downloads and players etc...it would be around for a long time. I also think that it would only be good if you stick an american in there as the heroe.

 #10 - Posted by: PKM (Staff) on 06-29-2008 at 11:18
again kiddies, there were at least CIA ''operatives'' entrenched during that war and i'd be surprised if there weren't at least a couple (though non-uniformed) ''representatives'' of the US armed forces by their sides . the more i'm thinking about this poll, the more i think this would be a good idea for a side expansion if not just a big mod . there are already tons of ''middle eastern'' skins out there along with ''middle eastern style'' maps . somehow a m24 hind would need to be introduced (really what everyone associates the afgan war with much like the huey is what everyone associates the vietNAM war with ) .

 #11 - Posted by: Soveriegn (Member) on 07-02-2008 at 23:18
Now this would be a cool mod if you could play in the 80's against Soviet Invaders. Or if was a full force game, you could play as a top-secret CIA agent (or a fictionous US agency) defending Afghanistan from the spread of Communism.

 #12 - Posted by: HERR_KRUGER (Member) on 07-04-2008 at 12:23
IMO , EA would never make a mod without an american being the protagonist; or adding blood etc. I highly doubt they make another MOH tbh, but that will depend on the profits they expect etc. Maybe another console moh but not for PC.

 #13 - Posted by: bbejones (Member) on 07-04-2008 at 16:03
Umm... that's a bit discriminating... are you SURE they would use ONLY AMERICANS as protagonists? Medal of Honor has those boundaries, but EA is ELECTRONIC ARTS! Electronics are not just american, but the Medal of Honor is...

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