Weekly Poll Results - What is your favorite Medal of Honor(PC) Game?

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Published by PKM 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

What is your favorite Medal of Honor(PC) Game?

Allied Assault 47.7% (95)

Spearhead 21.6% (43)

BreakThrough 12.5% (25)

Airborne 12% (24)

Pacific Assault 6% (12)

Total: 199
Start: 08-15-2008 21:21
Last: 08-22-2008 09:24

 #1 - Posted by: Machinegunner (Member) on 08-15-2008 at 21:54
medal of honor pacific assalult was the best medal of honor game. There are not many games that deals with the pacific war. Airborne was ok but single player wasnt much of a deal.

 #2 - Posted by: vfn4i83 (Member) on 08-15-2008 at 23:35
SpearHead is the "apice" from that franchise. Almost no bug, and no bouncing nades crossing the map and most important; efficient weapons (they really work) not seen anymore in any other moh game since.

 #3 - Posted by: Samboring (Member) on 08-16-2008 at 08:53
my fav is Battlefield 1942. Whoops.

 #4 - Posted by: bbejones (Member) on 08-16-2008 at 12:32
Technically, bt is my favourite moh MAC game...

 #5 - Posted by: Angrybob (Member) on 08-17-2008 at 13:11
With Forgotten Hope, of course. LoL! :D -Angrybob

 #6 - Posted by: AvAsnake4gen (Member) on 08-20-2008 at 12:36
Pacific assault was the best. I have to agree wtih MachineGunner. Not many games have the war in the Pacific. Plus i felt like Full Metal Jacket =P

 #7 - Posted by: RailwayChildrenBobbie (Member) on 08-20-2008 at 15:47
I'm pretty sure we've had this poll before......... Err, Spearhead (again) - fantastic in multi-player. Then Breakthrough because the maps are great & it has new gametypes ie: Liberation (shame really the game isn't that popular) plus you have the 1936 mod which is also fantastic, Then Allied Assault. Great game in itself, but the two expansions greatly improve on it.

 #8 - XP - Posted by: falcon93 (Staff) on 08-21-2008 at 21:59
Sorry had to do a re-run. its been awhile anyways.

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