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Published by cRiSsI 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Will you watch HBO's ''The Pacific'' AND do you think this 10 part series will help revitalize the Medal of Honor series ?

Yes I will watch but it won't do much for interest in the MOH series 37.8% (39)

Yes I will watch and much like BOB, it will create (renew) interest in the MOH series 29.1% (30)

Other 18.4% (19)

No; I have no interest in ''The Pacific'' and don't think it would help MOH 7.7% (8)

No; I have no interest in ''The Pacific'' but it could help MOH (possibly MOH:PA) 6.7% (7)

Total: 103
Start: 11-21-2008 06:13
Last: 11-28-2008 14:15

 #1 - The Pacific (2009HBO Series) - Posted by: PKM (Staff) on 11-21-2008 at 06:16
A 10-part mini-series from the creators of "Band of Brothers" telling the intertwined stories of three Marines during America's battle with the Japanese in the Pacific during World War II. sidenote: PKM will be on vacation so this poll will run until 12-5-2008 .

 #2 - Posted by: Angrybob (Staff) on 11-21-2008 at 11:51
I would watch it, but I don't get anything on TV except CBS, NBC, and ABC. I might watch it when it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray, though. -Angrybob

 #3 - Posted by: Angrybob (Staff) on 11-22-2008 at 06:42
I think it will probably do more to bring more attention to CoD: [email protected], rather than revive MoH. -Angrybob

 #4 - Posted by: DeeEmmSee (Member) on 11-22-2008 at 15:53
I havent even heard of it - mind you if HBO is an American channel then thats why, im british lol, we probably wont get it ovber here for ages.

 #5 - Posted by: Bojo (Member) on 11-23-2008 at 11:26
I think i'll watch it if i can, but it won't help MOH. CoD5 will get the help though.

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