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All Files In Medal of Honor Breakthrough
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Breakthrough Schmucks Grenatewerfer

shoots straight in crosshairs 100% accurate.increased speed of grenate to hit target faster.try it out and email me at: [email protected]


Breakthrough Killhouse

Ideal map for you and your friends. Two bunkers and two houses with a fountain in the middle. Map ideal for 2v2, 4v4 or 5v5 players.


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Breakthrough Modernweaponpack(V3.0)

Chrisredfields, and xxBMFxx. They are all here in this weapon pack i did nothing but gather them and put them here these guys worked hard so...


Breakthrough RoGu3 Clan Skins

well)- Weapons (not all, but key weps)- vehiclesjust to name a few...Hope you enjoy it, any comments, please e-mail me



Medal of Honor and Breakthrough to be able to enjoy 1936.We have altered a little the 36 with new textures, new sounds, new effects, in addi...


Breakthrough Singapore Obj/Dm

Free for All, Team Deathmatch and Round based Game. In Objective the Allied players have to capture the important documents held near the Ax...


Breakthrough Mannlicher Carcano reskin

This mod will reskin the Italian rifle ingame the Mannlicher Carcano with dark wood and reskinned metal, Enjoy!!!


Breakthrough obj_Pueblo1936_Breakthrough

objectives.The way conquest consists of which a side defends its flag, while the other it tries to clear it. Once cleared, the equipment th...


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Breakthrough Casablanca III

early MOH life in 2002, and made some mod since. However it is nos a masterpiece in terms of architecture, but for fun purpose, the big vers...


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Breakthrough G43 sniper on e1l2 mohbt

If you are sick of the kar98 sniper on part 2 of mission 1 moh breakthrough, then you will like this file, it gives you the G43 sniper rifle...