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Audio Platoon Theme

This is a Leonard Bernstein rendition of Adagio for Strings (main theme from "Platoon" by Samuel Barber


Audio Band Of Brothers theme

This replaces the opening music with the band of brothers theme.


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Audio Fubah Rage Pack

This is Fubah's Best with new sounds from guns to reloads to this and that its ready to rock in roll


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Audio Remind MeRoyksopp - menu music replacement by fredster

Replaces the menu music with Rokysopp - Remind Me


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Audio New Thompson Sounds

A new sound for the Thomspon. Originally done as a request for some-one, this file was finally released to the public.


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Audio Krunch's Laser Weapons

This sound mod changes all weapon fire sounds to be more futuristic. From personal testing i must say its alot liek star wars.


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Audio Call Of Duty Sounds

This sound mod changes the following sounds: Character Sounds 6 New "Body Fall>Dirt" sounds 3 New "Body Fall>Metal" sounds 2 New "B...


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Audio Battlefield 1942 Theme Song

This mod wil change the MOH theme song into the Battlefield 1942 theme song.


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Audio CoD Theme Song

This will change the MOH theme song into the Call of Duty theme song.


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Audio Mus Sniper Town

This is a music replacement for the level m5l1a(Sniper Town First level). Do we need to say more, Go download it and check...


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Audio A-Team Theme

This file will change the main theme music to The A-Team Theme music, Go check it out and see what you think ;)


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Audio A-Team Radio

changes the radio music (in the level m2l1) to the a-team theme. (yes,the same music that i made as the game's main theme,only i rec...


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Audio NiceGuyEddie's Custom Sounds

This is a custom sound pack for MOHAA. The sounds are split up in 5 files: each sound has its own file. Included sounds: -NiceGuyEddie's...


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Audio Leave no man Behind Menu Music

It is the Leave no man Behind Music from the movie BLACK HAWK DOWN turned into your menu music You can hear this music in the movie in t...


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Audio Mohaa,mohaash,mohaabt mp3 player

Lets you upload your own music into a file then you can use f1 f2 etc and play dif music.Talk to me at [email protected] if you ha...


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Audio SPR Ambient Sound for The Hunt MP MAP

Esta modificação contém o som de ambient do filme "Saving Private Ryan" para o mapa The Hunt... This mod contains the ambient sound fro...


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Audio user_realmp40sound

HI ALL! A real sound of mp 40 . i see more movies and for me ist realistic this sound more acurate . ist great in game this sound of a famuo...