Medal of Honor
Blood Mods and Patches

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Axibent Blood Axibent 156KB 1,812
Sharp Blood {H-F}[A]-Sharp 167KB 3,502
Authentic Puff Basil 294KB 4,749
Mr. Jingles Blood Mod Mr. Jingles 17KB 18,554
[MOD] Blood Mod 104DRS-NL A Sld Havoc 196KB 8,098
Ultimate Gore dagroov 173KB 31,175
Revolutionary Blood Noam 318KB 7,696
Alien Blood D2S EASCYA 3KB 6,748
Tiny Bloodpatch [nc]Baader 142KB 5,943
Crizz Blood Crizz 14KB 9,300
US Dead Crizz 63KB 2,574
Band Of Brothers Body Hit Puff Capt. Willis 204KB 14,338
Stitch Puff Puff Stitch 300KB 1,783
Vipers Blood Mod [MC] Viper 23KB 6,700
Real Blood Metz 48KB 63,773
Cool Blood z3r0 g33k 85KB 3,879
Swastika Patch Guest 1.44MB 3,775
Metz RB Gore Metz 204KB 9,187
Angel's Blood Mod Guest 284KB 1,629
Natrual's Blood Mod Natrual 90KB 3,803
Angel's Blood Mod Guest 501KB 20,512
Darkangel's Blood Mod --Nofa-- Dark Angel 106KB 4,729
Covert's Blood Mod =Covert= 279KB 3,806
CodeRedBlood CodeRed 14KB 1,906
ET Blood Mod for SH & BT garando 223KB 1,564
ET Blood for Mohaa garando 72KB 2,259
Areskiller's Gore AresKiller 37KB 5,417
Arisch Blood PSYCHO_BEN 62KB 1,626
Quiksilvers Blood Mod Capt Quicksilver 1.74MB 1,996
Realistic Blood AresKiller 129KB 3,947
Realistic Blood AresKiller 160KB 5,402
Chico Mojo Blood MpD Pato 35KB 739
Sandmans Realistic Blood |Sandman| 463KB 567
Sandman's Realistic Blood |Sandman| 89KB 2,680
Henrich's blood mod campkz 12KB 291
Cpt.Grims Blood Mod cptgrim 77KB 1,008
AODSwornAssassin Smiley Blood AODSwornAssassin 148KB 121
Hippy Blood Mod ={DTA}=bootson 228KB 39
billiamsbloodmod billiam 289KB 155
Hippy Blood Mod ={DTA}=bootson 469KB 16