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Compass Allied Compass

This is a replacement for the default compass. Discuss this file


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Compass Wolfen Compass

This replaced the in game compass. Discuss this file here


Compass SAS Compass

This mod gives you a compass with a metal face and an SAS badge on it, it still displays info N,E,S,W and ect.


Compass xxbmfxx & Capt. kick your ass compass

Its a compass with the remains of a person that died waiting just to get a timeout error in the spearhead multiplayer.


Compass Saf Gysgt compass

Great looking compass to replace the ingame one


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Compass Compass Pack 1

A pack of compass's Eagle Shark Snake Ware Wolf enjoy.


Compass Sword of Freedom

Really great looking compass for MOHAA & Spearhead


Compass Hobbs Spinning Compass

A spinning compass of hobbs from the cartoon "Calvin and Hobbes"


Compass Brutal Irish Compass

Changed the compass to the Fighting Irish logo. Very visible and easy to distinguish where you are being shot from.


Compass Finnish Compass

Compass with finnish flag and red spinning crosshair for south, west, north, east on it and also black eagle. Text is finnish "Isänmaan puo...


Compass Glowing Swastika

Its a glowing swastika compass, obviously!


Compass HP 124 Compass and Cursor

The compass looks cool but I'll be honest, I have no idea what the compass is...


No Screenshot
Compass Walgrind's Kaylee Nude Compass

YES *GASP* this compass shows a woman topless, for those that need to look at a naked woman while shooting people. No screenshots, I know...


Compass Bloody Compass

This is a skin of a compass with blood all over it. What did you think? :D


Compass Weed Compass

A compass with a pot leaf.


Compass Bio Hazard Compass

A blue compass with the bio hazard symbol.


Compass Sega's Achse Compass #2

An excellent looking Iron Cross compass. A worthy download.


Compass Ivan's Compass

Bloddy and personalized compass


Compass Spitfire Compass

Odd compass, I have no idea where it's from.


Compass Kia's Fin Compass

I'm guessing this is a Finnish compass? It has the colors of the flag... Disclaimer: If I'm wrong, it was not my in...


Compass Wigster Compass Pack

A pack containing four compasses. See the screenshots for yourself.


Compass Sega's Achse Compass

A red axis compass. Has an iron cross symbol on it as well.


Compass WW2 Compass

A realistic WW2 compass. Well done.


Compass Lady_Compass

A compass with a nude lady